Paper Crafts Thailand

Thailand’s leading manufacturers of Saa bark and Mulberry paper craft items

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Saa bark

Thailand’s premier supplier of Saa bark for florists and the creative arts and crafts industry, also known as Mulberry bark and we can do any colour.

Mulberry Paper Boxes

Mulberry Paper Boxes for creative and original gift packaging

Mulberry Scrapbooking

Paper Crafts Thailand providing scrapbooks and scrapbooking items from Mulberry paper since 1991

Mulberry photo Frames

Mulberry Photo frames made from Sustainable Mulberry paper and makes an ideal gift.

Mulberry Paper Mobiles

Sweet Dreams with Mulberry Paper mobiles from Paper Crafts Thailand

Mulberry paper Thailand

Sustainable Mulberry Paper from Northern Thailand. Pure handmade paper and machine stock available. 600 year old craft passed down through the generations and is seen on most of the leading Arts and Crafts stores throughout Europe and the U.S.

Mulberry Cards

Pare Crafts Thailand can produce Handmade greetings cards from Mulberry paper and makes any greeting quite special

Wine Bags

Wine is such a pleasure for the drinker and the experience is now enhanced by Vintners with handmade Mulberry wine bags made from Sustainable paper.