Mulberry Paper or saa paper as it is called in Thailand where it is grown and cultivated; is elegant, classy, and upscale while being earthy and full of texture. It is often used as an accent or part of a layered effect in collage, scrapbooking, rubber stamping and other paper crafts. It is also very aesthetically pleasing and a unique paper for book binding.

Because of its natural cultivation from the bark of the Mulberry tree which grows abundantly in areas of South East Asia you can see thick and thin raw fibers running through the paper giving it a sweet textured look and feel. Mulberry is also abundant in Japan where it is called kozo paper, and is somewhat absorbent depending on the quality of the pulp.

Creative ideas

Creative crafts people use the wispy, fuzzy nature of this paper to enhance a designs for example; to create a fluffy beard for Santa, delicate spider’s webs, wispy center of a flower, or water themes like seaweed and Jellyfish tentacles.


How about watercolors? Place the paper on an absorbent surface and brush strokes of watercolor paint over the surface. For extra fun, sprinkle a little glitter over the wet paint for a space theme effect. By cutting circles from Mulberry paper you can create beautiful stars with their coronas.

You can add ink any Mulberry sheet by using the inkpad directly to the paper or by using a rubberstamp to ink patterns onto the paper. Or splash the brush over the paper for the more inspired or mad artist whatever your point of view.

Frame it

By mixing up Mulberry paper with other papers can soften a design and add a touch of sophistication to frames and gift presentation boxes.
Making your own designer paper.

To create unique designer paper; take a blender preferably an old one not used for food anymore, add a scrap or two of mulberry paper to the pulp. Rip or cut mulberry scrap into small pieces so the mulberry fibers don’t wrap around your blades. You’ll see texture and bold fibers in your handmade paper.


Mulberry papers come from your supplier can vary in size and thickness, and acidity, so make sure yours is acid free, the paper has so many applications like cutting, rolling, layering, shaping, die cutting, dying, inking, chalking, sewing and gluing etc. We can make to any size you like.


Mulberry paper has been the staple of the people of Chiang Mai for many years, we are responsible for the economy of a small village in Thailand, our farmers never cut trees we simple use the bark like shearing a sheep, and come back to the same trees, when thy needs stripping again.

Our people enjoy the freedom of the work and most of our staff are outworkers contracting and having the freedom to work when they want. They enjoy keeping the ancient arts alive and making something they know will adorn people’s homes and be received as gifts around the world for many years.

More recently the raw Mulberry bark of the tree which has many medicinal properties as well as arts and craft properties has become more and more in demand. Florists use the raw bark to wrap around vases and create floral designs with it, as it is very organic looking.

We most often work to your design, and we have created boxes and bags and scrapbooks for many large businesses especially in the USA for over 25 years. Our products are considered by many leading Hobby and Crafts suppliers as the best. So have a look at some of our products on this website.

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