About us

Paper Crafts Thailand was born out of three symbiotic factors;

The Management: The original owner of one of the most successful Mulberry paper businesses in Thailand for over 20 years, Thailand’s leading social media marketer and marketing consultant, and a factory manager with over 30 years manufacturing experience.

The Factory :We have over 200 loyal people working as in-workers and outworkers and they bring over 600 years of Mulberry paper creation and craft tradition passed down through generations of Thai people.


We do not cut down trees, we use the Mulberry bark that is stripped and grows back again very quickly in Tropical Thailand We provide work for over 200 people part time and full time and our working conditions are well received by all that work with us.

We sell our Mulberry products and Saa bark mainly to wholesale suppliers, our products are available in most good hobby and craft stores all over the world.